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Through out the week you can usually find Ben teaching his Pilates studio clients at Aligned for Life Pilates – Melbourne.

Ben truly believes that every single person deserves a chance at living their best life just like he had the opportunity to do so in 2012, which has led him to help people to participate fully in their own live through the Pilates Method as well as movement education in the corporate space and of course hosting the Let Me Take A Selfie Podcast.

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Exercise for immunity & a quick history lesson

Unlike a system like the cardiovascular system the lymphatic system doesn’t have a ‘pump’ like the heart to propel the fluid around the body and through the vessels. So the system relies on the bodies movement to propel the fluid through the system.

And this is where exercise modalities that work with those full body pumping style movements, like Pilates, Running, Crossfit, swimming and even certain forms of dancing come into play.

So this brings me to some tips:

The four tips to support your immune system with exercise

  1. Keep it consistent – this is a big one to ensure the immune system benefits from exercise. In 2011 British Journal of Sports Medicine study that tracked 1,000 adults found that those who engaged in exercise five or more times per week reported 43% fewer sick days than those who exercised less often.

2. Pumping – keep up with the pumping, rolling and inversion movements to help move, filter and drain the lymphatic fluids.

3. Mix it up – While past research has focused on the impact of aerobic exercise on immune health, a 2018 study in the Journal of Immunology Research shows that a single bout of resistance training affects the body’s immunity on a cellular level. What’s more, maintaining healthy levels of muscle may strengthen immunity.

4. Don’t forget to rest – As exercise intensity, frequency and duration increase, so does the amount of rest your body needs to recover from the stressors of exercise and grow back stronger. This is also a point as well for non-exercise stressors that will put strain on your bodies systems including your immune system. Rest and recovery is a great way to keep these stressors in check so they don’t overstress you bodies systems.

Exercise Videos

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