Frances Brown

Frances is a Brisbane based physiotherapist and a strong advocate for strength and conditioning training.

She owns her own business called FKB Physio and is sharing with us all her own and professional experience and knowledge of ‘Injuries’ and the varies stigmas, and misconception around what an injury is and how individuals can take steps to treat and overcome them. 

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Frances talks to us about her personal experience on when she took up weightlifting and consequently Injured her back while deadlifting, and how her road to recovery was a mental and physical challenge due to the fear of not being able to perform the movement to the same capacity she once did. 

As a qualified Physiotherapist, Frances talks through what an injury is and how it’s diagnosed and how individuals’ self-diagnose injuries based off the pain one feels performing a movement or action. She talks to her views on this misconception of what an injury it and how her experience has opened her up her views on what an injury is and how a diagnosis is not essential to determine an injury, whether it is diagnosed by a health practitioner.

In summary Frances addresses some of the many stigmas and myths surrounding injuries and how an injury does not lesson an individual’s movement and can still move and exercise while injured without having to feel something is missing. 

Frances’ take home tips when injured

  • Reassurance – If you’re are injured, believing you’ll get better is crucial and trying not to catastrophise is crucial 
  • Try to get back to things you love doing
  • Guidance – seeking a coach or a health professional to encourage to start getting back to doing things you love. 

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