Siobhan Delaney

Siobhan is firstly a mother of two young children and a loving partner. She has many years of experience in holding sacred spaces. Both individually supporting women through pregnancy birth and postpartum, and collectively, in women’s circles and workshops. She is the creator and facilitator of Kindred Womancraft. Offering Birthwork, Shamanic Birthkeeping, Mother Blessings, Women’s Circles, one-on-one soul-crafting, drum making workshops and many more. 

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It doesn’t have to serous to be sacred

Siobhan talks to us about how through her work she aims to shine the light for others as they step into the unknown and right their own rights of passage. Fostering a deep sense of belong to self, each other and the earth. 

Siobhan covers rituals of affirmation and the power of intention and how to create sacred moments in our everyday lives, and how it can be different for everyone as it is about creating an inner journey and what you’re bringing to it to create meaning. 

Power of intentions can be created with or without alters. Some may want to create intentions via ceremony, lighting a candle or using crystals. However, Siobhan also goes into how an intention is a pray. While she believes modern religion has ostracised from pray as many moving away from religion and pray. However, prayer is beautiful and brings so much meaning to people’s lives and intentions. Therefore, if people can remove any of the labels associated with religion or spirituality and bring it back to the core, of why you do this. In Siobhan’s case to create a gateway of sacredness and intentions.  Some examples of a pray is when going on a hike and reaching the peak and absorbing the view or amazing waterfall, by saying to themselves “wow how amazing” that becomes a prayer of gratitude which people may not realise is a prayer. 

Siobhan’s tips on how to bring intention, ritual and value to our lives.

  • Bring intention to rites of passage. Simple things like Birthdays. When celebrating someone’s birthday be present and when singing happy birthday, actually mean it.  Gifting your time and love. 
  • Open up yourself to feel more. You have to be ready to be vulnerable.
  • Making a simple alter to create time for intention, it could be making a tea, having a treat or lighting a candle. All coming back to the essence of ‘why I am doing this’. 

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