Mel O’neil-King

Mel is the co-owner and coach of Athlete-X in Bibra Lake, WA. A man like many others around him has made it apart of his ethos personally and professionally to choose kind. A man that goes out of his way to better others, community and environment.

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Choose Kind

The choose kind project was born out of a desire to improve the mental health of the world. It was sparked from a close friend of Mel who committed suicide. 

What began as 12 days of Kindness’ social media challenge has grown into a movement that aims to positively impact the world of using the message of choose kind. 

The Choose kind project have developed and are selling merchandise to raise funds for charities making a positive impact on mental health. To check out the merchandise, head to 

In this episode Mel talks to the 3 pillars of choose kind: 

  1. Kind to yourself – celebrating the small wins you have achieved and acknowledging achievements. Not comparing yourself to others but be happy with your life experiences and how it has served you. 
  2. Kind to others – celebrating the wins for others and performing small tasks and deeds for others, acknowledging you’re in their space. 
  3. Kind to the environment – you are looking at yourself and asking, ‘Am I choosing kind to my environment’.  

Mel’s tips on how to start with a little kindness

  • Start with the smallest possible task

For example when heading to the shops let the person in front of you walk in first, or even hold the door for them and wish them a happy day. 

  • Completing small tasks or deeds each day

It will then become inherit and kindness will become part of your day-to-day life. 

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