Gillian Howell

Dr Gillian Howell is a musician, a researcher and educator. She has been gathering and connecting people through music with many community-based work in Australia and around the world. Some of her projects include music workshops and massed music making for all ages and abilities to creating music making programs in post conflict and developing countries such as Timor-Leste, Bosina-Herzegovina, Sri Lanka and many more. 

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Healing through music

In this episode Gillian talks to us about her experiences and the many benefits of music and how music be a platform for people and help them with social health and mental health levels. 

Music is a platform to draw people together and create a community with a common goal and allow peoples voices to be heard. 

Through Gillian’s work she has managed to bring conflicting groups of people together through music and sound to express ways of telling their stories, to connect with each other through shared music-making and to explore new sound worlds and modes of expression. 

Enjoy the show!

Take home tips to start to explore the world of music and how it can benefit them express themselves and creativity:

  •  Claim the space, claim it with your voice, with your instrument and remind the people around you that what you’re doing and it’s ok. 
  • Start by embracing the sound of learning and reminding yourself the sound of learning is a beautiful thing. 
  • You don’t get to be excellent without doing hell of a lot of work
  • You have to start somewhere and have fun with it.
  • Let go of the judgement of what you ought to sound like. 
  • Stay confident. 

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