Marc Roufeil

The life journey post an eating disorder

In this not so regular Joe episode, Marc shares his journey and experience with an eating disorder and how he dealt with it and has overcome it to get to where he is today. 

As an always active and sports driven kid and teenager, Marc reached his heaviest weight of 105kgs at the age of 11. Which his obsession with food and exercise saw him lose weight to reach his lowest weight of 48kg at the age of 14 at a height of 5.11. 

Marc takes us on a journey to how his eating disorder was first developed and the steps he took to recover and how he found his “why” and how he is living a more enjoyable and balanced life now. 


Marc shares some of tips and words of advice from his personal experience for anyone going or know anyone going through the same thing:

  •  Enjoyment and being happy – finding the things you enjoy with a healthier space, will give you the incentive to stay healthy.
  • Finding the ‘Why’ – understanding why you’re eating the way you are and exercising the way you are can keep your goals realistic and clear.
  • Talk to someone about it – whether it being a friend or someone you trust to give you feedback, or a professional like a phycologist if you need clarity and help.

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