Ben Rashleigh

Through out the week you can usually find Ben teaching his Pilates studio clients at Aligned for Life Pilates – Melbourne.

Ben truly believes that every single person deserves a chance at living their best life just like he had the opportunity to do so in 2012, which has led him to help people to participate fully in their own live through the Pilates Method as well as movement education in the corporate space and of course hosting the Let Me Take A Selfie Podcast.

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We were born to move

For today’s episode we have shared our interview with Laminex Australia as I was invited to be a guest on their Laminex learning bites podcast episode, hosted by Laminex’s Learning Experience Designer Ayse Caglar. In this  episode we will be focusing on the topic of ‘Breathing and Desk Exercise’ and what you can do to assist your body in a stationary work environment. 

Laminex’s diverse brand provides modern laminates to engineered stones, wood panelling to acrylic surfaces. The Laminex’s learning bites podcast was created to educate their clients and staff on a range of topics aimed at fitting into the flow of their day. Click here to listen. 

Through the COVID pandemic Laminex have adopted a work from anywhere style, anyone that can work remotely is supported and a positive community has been developed. 

As a result, in this episode I talk to Ayse about simple breathing and desk exercises can be applied and adopted by staff no matter where they are working.  

The first topic we cover is breathing, and the importance of breathing and the different techniques of breathing that can be used. Essentially breathing is a life force. However, breathing can also be used to relieve stress and anxiety. By performing simple breathing techniques such as a deep belly breathing can help reduce any stress and anxiety. 

Following on from breathing we looked at some simple ‘Deskwork Exercises’ that can be performed by staff at their desks or wherever they may be working to ensure their bodies are getting the sufficient movement they were built for. A famous saying “human bodies are inherently designed for to move”. As a result, by moving every 10 mins can help one’s mood and maintain muscular activity and health. 

Enjoy the show!

Some examples of deskwork exercises that can be performed are:

  1. Breathing – sit upright, shoulders over the hips and breath into belly. Breathing in for 4 seconds and breathing out for 6 seconds. You can repeat as many times as desired. 

2. 80’s neck roll – hands onto the knees, chin to the chest. Scrap your chin along your collarbones adding a rotation. Creating a giant circle as you rotate.  Complete rotation on right and left sides

3. Rotation work for the trunk – helps with rib cage and spine. Opening up some of the joins and stimulates the muscles. Press your right hand into your left and slide down your right hand down your forearms, which also creates shoulder engagement. 

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