Katie Hale

Being a young woman working in television and being at the stage in her life where going out with friends and meeting new people was something one looks forward to. 

Losing all of her hair Katie didn’t want to cover up or mask her hair loss with wigs. She wanted to embrace Alopecia for what it is and for who she is living with Alopecia. And, she does just that. She owns it!

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You do you!

In today’s episode we speak to a not so regular Joe, Katie Hale who in our eyes is extradentary. Kate journalist for one of Australia’s premier television networks shares her story and journey dealing with an auto immune disease Colitis, as well living with Alopecia. 

Katie takes us on a journey when she was a young adult at the age of 19 developing Colitis and how this affected her physically and emotionally which a resulted in  kick-starting her health journey to maintain a balanced diet and healthy life. Alongside dealing with an auto immune disease, Katie also diagnosed with Alopecia which led to her losing all her hair on her body with in as little as a few months of being diagnosed.

Enjoy the show!

Tips for anyone currently looking at body image and seeking self-identity:

  • Focusing on the little things around you that you can control that brings you happiness.
  • Surrounding and focusing on the connection with those around you. knowing someone has your back. 
  • Finding something you are really passionate about. For Katie it was writing, writing about her journey and experiences 
  • Meditation; and trust in yourself. If it doesn’t challenge you it not going to change you. 

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