Robert Bill Jr

Robert had what you’d typically call what we perceive to be a happy and successful life. He a “good job”, was earning money & had a fancy title, but quickly learned a hard lesson:: You can have all the “trappings”
of success, but if you’re not taking care of yourself, it’s not possible to take care of anyone or anything

Operating in a high demand & high-intensity work-environment while attempting to stay connected with family and friends. He was
struggling with achy joints & stiff muscles, anxiety and flights of panic, disconnection from his wife and family, high-blood pressure, and a nagging misalignment between who his workplace and society wanted him to be, and who he truly was on the inside.

So Robert decided to make a change in his life and follow a journey of mindful practice, where her now teaches yoga, strength and mindful practice to others and especially men through his Men’s Yoga Transformation program.

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Mind”full” over mind”less”

Today’s guest. Robert Bill Jr is the founder of Holistic Strength along with being a Yoga instructor and mindfulness coach for men from Lake Zurich, Illinois in the United States. As he takes us through what it is to be mindful, the benefits and simple practices as breath work can help individuals feel grounded and centred. Robert chats to us about how mindfulness is to be in our own body and to be totally aware and intentionally acting as we go through it. His Mindful mantra of ‘Do what you’re doing while doing it’. 

As Robert’s main audience is men, he talks in detail about why he works with men in particular to help men practice mindfulness movement through yoga and breath work. He also talks about how men don’t have a role models to be a fully empowered male, and what it means to be an empowered male.  

Enjoy the show!

Robert’s tip to get into practising holistic strength and mindfulness:

  1. Taking intentional breaths – inhale for 6 seconds, exhale for 6 seconds.
  2. At the point of adaptability, be responsible – Take control – slow it down. 
  3. Changing your breath = changing your state

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