Dr Tara Neyland

Tara completed her Osteopathy qualifications at RMIT University and soon developed a passion for spinal conditions, pelvic conditions and pregnancy. Tara also has a keen interest in female physiology, hormones and women training at elite levels.

After completing additional Osteopathic qualifications in pregnancy and pelvic pain, Tara has helped empower women throughout the full term of their pregnancies, from conception to preparing the body to carry a baby, throughout each trimester, as well as post-partum care.

A keen cyclist, Tara’s experience training and racing in the road, cyclocross and track disciplines have provided her with a deep understanding of the demands of elite-level competition. Tara has a passion for maximising the performance of female athletes by understanding the complexities of the menstrual cycle, the best times to train, recover, diet and nutrition. She also understands how the hormonal changes that occur throughout menopause affect muscle mass, strength and fitness.

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Lets talk about menstruation

In today’s episode we are chatting to Dr Tara Neyland on all things about the Women’s Menstrual Cycle. Tara is a qualified Osteopath, who developed a passion for spinal conditions, pelvic conditions and pregnancy. The creator and founder of ‘Bloody Great Cycles’ Instagram page, to educate women on the different stages that occur throughout the menstrual cycle. And, to also embrace their menstrual cycles and how to use it and work with the menstrual cycle to achieve elite performance or potentially starting a family. 

Tara starts of by explaining each stage works and it’s effects on the body all the while educating us on one of the greatest body hacks… understanding the menstrual cycle.

Enjoy the show!

Tara’s tips on starting to work along your menstrual cycle:

  1. Start tracking your cycle – Can use an app on your phone like Flo or Clue (see links below)
  2. Write it down – Journal your feelings and energy through out each cycle
  3. If training work with your cycle – Check out the Wild AI app to help work with your cycle while training. (see link below)

Links of interest

Roar by Dr Stacy Sims

Wild AI – Training App

Flo – Cycle tracking app

Clue – Cycle tracking app

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