James Beck

TEDx Speaker, Relationship Building Expert & Author who gave away everything he owned and set out on a journey to serve someone in all 50 states. And in return all he asked from those he served was to Pay-It-Forward, starting an incredible domino effect in kindness.

This epic journey reveals the kind of life-changing transformation that only happens when you learn to ‘Live by Giving.

James teaches individuals and organizations how to use a service mindset to build, grow, maintain, and repair relationships, resulting in a remarkable ripple effect. One which has the ability to not only change your life and those around you but also the lives of strangers you may never meet.

He demonstrates just how powerful one act of kindness, no matter how small, can change someone’s destiny.

James inspires crowds of all ages and professions, customizing the message to the needs of your audience. In addition to his TEDx Talk, he has worked with schools, universities, military groups, at-risk youth groups, Caroline Myss’s personal development conference, Anti-Human Trafficking organizations, The National Charity League, The Wealth Counsel, the Navajo Nation, and Amare Global: The Mental Wellness Company. His project was featured on CBS, Fox News, and National Fox & Friends.

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The power of paying it forward

In today’s “Not so regular Joe” episode we bring you a special guest all the way from Los Angeles USA, James Beck. James shares with us his incredible story of how he one day decided to give everything he owned away, and travel around 50 states to give his time to others and provide one act of service. In return, he asked those he served to Pay-it-Forward, which started an incredible domino effect in kindness and cooperative community. 

James explains anyone can start to give back by simply doing an act of service. It can be as simple as smiling at someone in passing or holding a door for someone. Or even simply making eye contact to acknowledge presence.

Enjoy the show!

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