Nicole Smith

Nicole Smith is a Procedures & Systems Designer, Time Creator, ClickUp Queen and Director of The Artisans Business Solutions.

In 2019, Nicole moved away from her corporate career as Chief of Staff and started helping business owners to develop their unique working style and fall back in love with their business.

Nicole now supports businesses to review their practices and develop strategic procedures that save time, money, sanity and ultimately design the business that aligns with the life you want to be living.

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Where does your time go?

On today’s episode we have the pleasure of chatting with a lady who is a self proclaimed business time creator, and creator of the Artisans Business Solutions, Nicole Smith. Nicole shares with us how we can ‘Time Manage’ and all the different methods and techniques that can be applied to manage time, and how it can work for anyone to have the space and time they need to enjoy the things that matter the most and reducing the stressful load of having too much on.  

Successful time management comes down to the balance of work, life integration – what’s worth more than the other. Finding what makes your day successful. 

Nicole takes us through some time management methods and techniques that can be applied including a well known method, the Pomodoro method. Ultimately, there is no one-size fits all, but designing your day to suit you and how you want to work and live. 

Enjoy the show!

Nicole 4 tips on managing your time better

  1. Start by designing your day – how you want to be working and living each day. 
  2. Task lists – finding a method that will work for you to keep your list clear. This can be achieved by starting off with a ‘Brain Dump’ 
  3. The brain dump method will reveal all the tasks and create space on what is priority
  4. Pick 3 top priories for the day. 

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