Alexis Guttridge

Alexis’ meditation teachings or as she likes to call it a Pause, are about sharing practical and approachable tools and techniques. A chance for everyone to realize just how approachable this ancient practice can be worked into our modern lives.

She has seen first hand the benefits of bringing a mindfulness practice into the workplace from when she owned  her own business back in America.  A very demanding industry the results of weaving these practices into her work were transformative. From improving focus, better sleep, and decreased stress levels. 

With her community outreach work to involvement with larger corporations, she truly believes the practice of meditation can improve everyone’s quality of life and help to end burnout.

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Mindfulness can be done anywhere

Meditating doesn’t need to have chunks of time squirrelled away to have benefit, in fact you can practice it in the oddest of placeless which what time you have.On today’s episode we chat with Alexis Guthridge who takes us through the benefits of taking a pause or taking some time out through meditation, or other practices to improve the quality of life. 

Alexis shares with us some of the simple practical and approachable tools and techniques to take a pause without adding more to your day. For example it could be as simple as taking 15 mins out of your day while drinking your coffee, or while taking a bathroom-break. Alexis also helps remove the stigma behind meditation practice which she admittedly would have never have tried, but found it helped her through her toughest period in her life. 

Enjoy the show!

Alexis’ tips to get pausing:

  1. Taking some time to sit – looking into a meditation teacher, which can be an online free resource such as Inside Timer meditation App, and Head Space.
  2. Willing to be flexible in the process until you find what works for you, whether it be sitting down, lying down etc 
  3. For anyone that doesn’t resinate with talking or voices. Finding a song, something that is instrumental and a song that you don’t know. And sit there listening to it. 
  4. Find comfort. A place and [position that is most comfortable for you.  

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