Nailah Blades

A life & leadership coach who helps leaders tap into their power and build lives that are whole, good and full of possibility.

Her work centring on her belief that we stand in the truth of our authentic selves, that we can live and lead in a way that creates real change in our world.

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Joy making, adventures and inclusivity

We have the pleasure of speaking with Nailah Blades Wylie, your adventure coach. Nailah takes us through her journey of how she started Color Outside to create a safe space for women of color to come together and create outdoor adventures and reap the health benefits of what the outdoor space has to offer.

Color Outside began when Nailah moved to Salt Lake City in Utah with her family. She at first started with a free community group that she needed to explore the adventures of the outdoors that she was not able to find, and it ultimately grew from there, helping many women of colour create the same communities for the outdoors.

Enjoy the show!

Nailah’s tips to taking those first steps outside:

  1. Start small from where you are. Taking some small steps to get outside. i.e a short little trial walk/hike. Finding what is comfortable and safe. 
  2. Do things that are interesting to you. If walks was one of things you loved , then Hikes would something to try. Same goes for if riding a bike was fun, then mountain biking could be the next adventure to try.  
  3. Finding a group or community. To not do things alone. Even if it’s one other friend. 

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