Kathy Rast

A Linguistiologist. Kathy works with businesses to take what they have and what they naturally do (mostly out of their awareness) and show them ways to leverage what comes easy to them. Once revealed, she helps them with forward-facing words and then the old feels new, the new is old already, and it just seems to work in the most obvious way that wasn’t real until it was.

Kathy lives and breathes word things so businesses can live and breathe business things.

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Its not about the words but what they create

On today’s episode we have the pleasure of chatting with Kathy Rast who is an Entrepreneur and Linguistiologist. Kathy shares with us the power of language and how language can be unique to each individual by allowing them to create and set their conditions. Language can be interrupted in different ways by others.

Therefore, Kathy explains that it’s ok to set your own conditions around your language and it’s ok to not have expectation or expect others to know how to speak to you or how others would like to be spoken too by being aware of what’s ours and what’s somebody else’s.

Enjoy the show!

Kathy’s tips on setting your own conditions around language:

  1. Start by designing your day – how you Learn to cry and giggle at yourself. A wonderful micro tension, you need to be able to do it with passion to release things.
  2. Asking the question – what’s important to me? Write down 3, 4, or 5 And keep building on it.
  3. Words are living. Start writing in living time, record them and make sure you refer back to them often.  

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