Kathy Rast

A Linguistiologist. Kathy works with businesses to take what they have and what they naturally do (mostly out of their awareness) and show them ways to leverage what comes easy to them. Once revealed, she helps them with forward-facing words and then the old feels new, the new is old already, and it just seems to work in the most obvious way that wasn’t real until it was.

Kathy lives and breathes word things so businesses can live and breathe business things.

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You’re not meant to be completely free of pain

On today’s episode we welcome back Linguistiologist Kathy Rast. Unlike my last interview with Kathy who shared with us the power of language, we get to hear from Kathy on a deeper and personal level where she shares with us her struggles with chronic pain and how she dealt with it to come out on the other side pain free.  

Kathy shares with her struggles with dealing with anxiety and depression throughout her 20’s and 30’s and how she has very little recollection of her time as a 20 year old due to the varies pain medication natural and prescribed she was taking in order to deal with her pain. Kathy reached a point in her pain journey where no cocktail of medications was helping her but found she was losing a part of her self and existence. As a result, Kathy decided to take charge of her own existence and deal with her anxiety and depression by speaking about it and learning how to deal with it and accepting that this was part of her and her life. 

Enjoy the show!

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