Anzari Atik

A PHD in neuroscience and yoga instructor, Anzari meshes both worlds brilliantly in educating her clients in the practice of the method but also why it affects us in the way it does.

Through out the week you can find Anzari working in pharmaceutical medical device development and then practicing and teaching the method of yoga to herself and others at Assembly Yoga & Good vibes Yoga

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A lifestyle practice not just physical exercise

In today’s episode we have the pleasure in speaking with neuroscientist and yoga instructor Anzari Atik. Anzari takes us through what the practice of yoga is and that there is more to it than just the physical practice, the scientific benefits of yoga as well it’s potential to be adaptable to all bodies and their capability and not just a certain type and demographic.

Enjoy the show!

Anzari’s tips to starting their yoga practice:

  1. Find a buddy – use a mate to be your sense of accountability to get started. If you don’t have a buddy interested, find your local studio and ask which is there best class for beginners.
  2. Shop around – you may find it in the first class you go to, but move around till you find the class that resonates with you and matches your values.

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