Ben Rashleigh

Through out the week you can usually find Ben teaching his Pilates studio clients at Aligned for Life Pilates – Melbourne.

Ben truly believes that every single person deserves a chance at living their best life just like he had the opportunity to do so in 2012, which has led him to help people to participate fully in their own live through the Pilates Method as well as movement education in the corporate space and of course hosting the Let Me Take A Selfie Podcast.

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Manage your energy not your time.

Not your usual episode this week. Due to falling sick 3 times in the past month we have had a little break in recording and releasing episodes. So today episode is all about my thoughts on how I felt getting sick with 3 different virus’ over the period of a month. What I learnt about my self and the key being to manage my energy and not my time.

Enjoy the show!

Ep. 043 – Scoliosis – Tackling those twists and turns w/ Helen New The Let me take a Selfie Podcast

It's Scoliosis awareness month and on the show today we have Pilates and Scoliosis specialist Helen New. Helen takes us through the ins and our of Scoliosis, what the condition is, how it effects the body and what you should consider when looking to start an exercise program addressing your scoliosis. A show packed full of insight and knowledge on the condition from Helen's experiences. Definitely an episode to shed light for people with Scoliosis and for those movement practitioners working with clients with Scoliosis. Enjoy the show! For show notes, visit:
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