Dr Shyam Barr

Dr. Shyam Barr helps educators foster students’ metacognition and self-regulated learning.

With extensive professional experience in the education sector, with over 15 years of experience, including working as a secondary school science teacher (Psychology, General Science, and Mathematics), an educational leader (learning strategies, data regimes, and professional learning), and an education consultant and researcher. He has held roles nationally and internationally and is currently based in Canberra, Australia.

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Have you ever been so overloaded with the need to make decisions that we can no longer take in any more information and struggle to make any decision? And how this then leads to more stress as well as the pressure of feeling like we need to make a decision.

This week we sit down with Dr Shyam Barr and discuss decision making and the health effects around decision making, how to unload the the cognitive stress and way to create effective decision making.

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Ep. 048 – Unlocking your creativity w/ Brady Brewer The Let me take a Selfie Podcast

Finding your creativity to help find your own uniqueness, your own signature and the conversation and expression of yourself. A window to an insight of who you and others are, a tool to having an authentic relationship with yourself, an apparatus to internal auditing and dialog, creativity has many uses in arts, projects and tasks. But do we see the usefulness in our health, wellbeing and self worth? This week we sit down with Brady brewer and discuss just that. Enjoy the show! For show notes, visit: https://benjaminrashleigh.com/ep-048-unlocking-your-creativity/ 
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