Commonly quite neglected when we are sitting and standing for long periods of time as they are often in cramped and compressed positions. Have a look below at certain exercises that can help combat some of the common issues associated with the scenarios above.

I have categorised the exercises into Release, Mobility and Activation/Strengthen to help you decipher what exercises will good for what desired effect.

*Please note these exercises and tips are general in nature and do not constitute personal advise. And by participating in these exercises you are agreeing that you are cleared by your health professional to participate in such exercises. If you are experiencing pain or any adverse symptoms please consult a medical or allied health professional.

Hip Release Exercises

Tip: For side and glutes go for the seated hip stretch, although be careful as it is quite a strong position and can be unsuitable for certain hip conditions and hard to get into for super tight hips. To pen the front of the hip go for standing swimming.

Hip & Leg Activation/Strengthen Exercises

Tip: For an added hamstring (back of thigh) release try the seated leg extension.

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