Testimonial – Antionette

Ben has been my Pilates Instructor for almost 4 years.

I first met Ben in August 2016 when I enrolled into the Aligned for life Pilates method.  I was at a stage in my life that I wanted and needed some changes in my life.  

Early in 2016, a back injury from picking up a heavy item, led to me having to leave my current job and seek an alternative way of life.

I initially did Pilates with a physio therapist & it did help so then I decided I’d like to learn the method so I could also help others.

I was already working as a Personal trainer so adding Pilates seemed perfect & it also made me feel excited to be able to understand how to heal myself as well as others.

Whilst studying Pilates, my back wasn’t always the best and often in a lot of pain.  Every now and then I’d pull a muscle or my hip would play up.  I actually now believe these small set backs were teaching me how to deal with different injuries & Ben would also address each one every-time.

I knew I needed an instructor to help with my back pain and to ensure I was moving correctly in the exercises I was doing.  

I would see Ben weekly for Pilates and after every session I would experience a shift in movement & ease of pain.  Ben would always address my issue on the day, whether it be a tight hip, joint issue, back pain etc.  It was great to get individual guidance in every session.  He is an anatomy guru!  I would always leave with a new fresh new body!

Pilates would also ground my mind and I would feel energised but calm, strong and ready to continue my day.  

Throughout the years, I have continued to see Ben because it has made a huge difference to my body and life.  I am calmer, stronger, pain free and more flexible.  

When Covid19 hit and we all went digital, I continued my session with Ben online.  It was just like being at his studio.  I would still get the corrections in movement and it made no difference to my end results.  I always felt aligned and amazing. 

I am looking after me, and now have two weekly sessions with Ben, one online for the convenience of not having to leave home and one at his studio.   My body and back is GREAT!  

I love my sessions because I can switch off but be focused on the guidance from someone else. I am an instructor myself (and some would wonder why I need an instructor )

but having Ben gives me my ‘ME TIME’ and helps me to switch off from my own teachings and day. Taking a break through my day with Pilates when I am tired, actually gives me the energy to continue the day with more focus. It’s nice to have someone do the thinking for me!

I am very grateful to Ben for the time he takes and effort to give the best advice for individual bodies.  Highly recommend Ben if you are in pain and need specialised attention.  You will learn how to move properly so that you can enjoy a healthy and fulfilling life. 

Thank you !! 

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